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The role of administrative authority in law-making

Law is a set of rules that is binding for legal enforcement. If the law is broken, they are supposed to get a proper punishment according to the law. A system of rules that a specified country or community recognizes as regulating the action or activity of a person. Law is enforced by the ruling bodies, communities, state, or country. Legal is obeying the laws and rules which is enforced by the administrative authorities. It is also called legitimate or licit for better understanding. Law can create a constitution of a country. The direct punishment for those who break the law or rules. These set of rules or regulated or created and enforced by the administrative authority of the country or society with the concentration of regulating human activities and behavior for a good environment. The enforcement of the rules is only established through the administrative authority. It is also controlled by the administrative authority for the right decision. Everyone knows the law is referred to as a rule and regulation of any activity particularly helped for society. It is also used to maintain the rules, order, moralize a particular society, community, or country. Laws must be obeyed by every citizen to live a happy and disciplined life. It should be respected by all the humans who are living under those societies, countries, or communities. Otherwise, punishments are given to Sevier who violate these laws.

The different kinds of laws and legal enforcement

There are several kinds of laws and rules that are maintained for every country or society such as statutory law, civil law, criminal law, and common law. Law and legal are most important to be the disciplined person for this society. It is also a must for everyone life to lead a proper and hopeful life. These may relate to the infrastructure of the society, transports, lifestyle, finance, economy, matrimony, and so on. These are created by the country by their states and rules according to the government. These laws are enforced, while the majority of people accepting those laws. There some benefits for society, the economy, and people. The laws may vary depends on the society need, country to country, and society to society. If you want to become a disciplined citizen, knowing few laws and better for everyone life.

Know the importance of lawmaking

Every society needs a legal law for better and proper maintenance of the society. It needs to lead a proper rule for every individual in the country. The law can come in the term of treaties, local, statutes, laws, executive orders, and so on. Law enforced by the ruling or administrative authority while the majority of people are accepting this rule helps to regulate human activities and actions. It should need proper maintenance of the society. So, the ruling authority and human should know what should be followed and what should not be followed depends on the situation. Follow the law and legal enforcement to protect the country and society. It led to enjoy a calm and successful environment.