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CashCrate: An Average Money-Making Opportunity

With a slogan that reads “get paid to complete offers!” a person has to wonder if CashCrate.com actually makes earning money as easy as they make it seem. Many people experience skepticism when deciding whether or not to join a site that claims that they can make money for free they have some sort of stigma like https://banwangyaimark.ac.th/UFABET/ websites. To be honest, I can understand their skepticism. For the reason, I’m going to write a review on the true labor that goes on to earn a dollar at CashCrate.com.

Before I start the review, I’m going to say that payment is possible from this site. It isn’t the easiest thing in the world to accomplish, but if the customer decides to spend enough time during the month on CashCrate, they’ll be met with a check in the mail in the middle of the next month.

First off, there’s the payment options. There’s only one. Not much for options, huh? CashCrate only pays out by check. Their minimum payout happens to be ten dollars. Although they only offer one payment option, their claim on their front page still rings true: “Unlike other companies, we will never charge you any fees.” CashCrate doesn’t charge any “processing” fee for receiving your check, so you’ll receive all the money that you earned. If you’re worried about other people knowing what you’re doing online, the check comes marked as from “Kings Media Company” so there’s no outward signs that it’s a check from making money online.

Now, if you actually want to make some real money, there’s a couple options in order to multiply your earnings on CashCrate. You can do the daily surveys, refer other members, and complete the offers that CashCrate lists on their site. When you join up, there’s about fourteen pages of offers with twenty offers per page. That equals two-hundred and forty offers. I’d estimate that about fifty of those offers require a credit card.

While we’re on the subject of the offers, some go through and some do not. It’s a very annoying process to go through. For one, to complete offers on CashCrate, I’d recommend using Internet Explorer. For some reason, the site doesn’t seem to like Firefox. For another, I’d also recommend having two or three e-mails addresses that you use purely for doing offers on CashCrate. Many of the offers that this site lists go through the same company which will rarely “accept” both offers if you use the same e-mail address. For the best results, switch between those e-mail addresses when signing up for offers. I’d say it’s about a fifty percent chance for an offer to be approved for the credit.

Most of the free offers vary from twenty cents to one dollar and fifty cents per every free offer that only requires you to put in your details. For the offers that require a cell phone number, those vary from two dollars to four dollars. If you choose to do the offers that require a credit card (all of those offers are clearly marked with a graphic that looks like the Mastercard logo), those vary from ten dollars to forty dollars. When it comes to the money the offers pay out, it’s about average.

Referrals aren’t difficult to get, and I love the referral system. When you first join, you’re considered at the bronze level on the referral system. Being at the bronze level means that you make twenty-five percent of your first level referrals and you make ten percent of your referral’s referrals. If you have a lot of money, CashCrate is obviously the way to make money. When you reach fifty active referrals, your membership level will go up to silver. This means that your percentages earned will go up. As an added incentive, for every member that reaches the minimum payout, you will receive an extra three dollars.

If you decide to do the daily survey, you will earn eighty cents per completed survey. If you do the daily survey every day, you’ll receive twenty-four dollars – way over the minimum payout. The problem with daily surveys comes in the fact that a survey isn’t available every day. This site uses the SurveyRouter system which is the same system that InboxDollars and TreasureTrooper use. If you happen to use either of those sites for their daily surveys, it may create even more problems on finding daily surveys that are available for your fulfillment. If you’re only joining the site for the daily surveys, I’d suggest going to InboxDollars instead because InboxDollars pays a dollar per cent completed.

Another added bonus, for every dollar you earn, you earn a point on their system. CashCrate offers prizes for points such as gift cards, iPods, and gaming consoles. The minimum point prize available is for two-hundred points.

In conclusion, as long as you know how to go about getting offers to submit, this is a great site to make some extra money for only a couple hours a month. I’ve been using this site for three months, and I’ve made roughly forty dollars and thirty five points. I don’t have any referrals, though, so if you have a lot of friends, you’ll be earning a lot more money than I happen to be. Either way, it’s my favorite “get paid to” site I’m a member of, and I recommend it to anyone who happens to read this article.